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TREND ---> natural ventilation ---> Peripherals

продукция ---> TREND ---> natural ventilation ---> Peripherals

In order for the Natural Ventilation system to function within a building management system it is necessary to monitor air characteristics and control the system according to user requirements. Trend currently have a large number of periphery devices that allow the control system to operate effectively based on the feedback from air quality sensors, wind speed and direction, rain sensors and user needs.
Peripheral devices include:
Manual override switch for use with NV system motor controller.
A range of CO2, temperature and humidity sensors with and without integral displays.
Outside air temperature sensors.
Wind speed and wind direction sensors.
Rain sensor


Outside air temperature sensors.
  • CO2/T/D
  • CO2/T/Disp/S
  • CO2/T/H/Disp/S
  • CO2/T/H/S
  • CO2/T/S
  • TB/TO

Wind speed and wind direction sensors.
  • WS/S
  • WS/SD

Rain sensor.
  • WS/R