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The NVWA actuators are supplied in two sizes with a 265 mm chain or with a 500 mm chain. They can be supplied with either a white or grey lacquered finish. They can be supplied either singly or as a synchronised pair.
FeaturesFeatures include:
Full synchronisation without external synchronisation unit.
Communication between actuators to ensure synchronised operation.
Can be used on both inward and outward opening windows.
Mounting brackets included which allow top, bottom or side installation.
Multiple actuators on one window fully synchronised by intercommunication.
Max. current (A)1

  • NVWA/D/G/265
  • NVWA/D/G/500
  • NVWA/D/W/265
  • NVWA/D/W/500
  • NVWA/S/G/265
  • NVWA/S/G/500
  • NVWA/S/W/265
  • NVWA/S/W/500