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Trend Connect. Remote Ethernet Connection.
Trend Connect is a managed connectivity solution that utilises mobile communications to remotely connect to Trend Ethernet devices such as IQ3, EINC and 3Extend/EINC L. This remote connection is achieved using a High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) connection, or a General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) connection where 3G connectivity is unavailable. The solution uses a Sierra Wireless Airlink Raven XE Ethernet gateway (modem) to provide a secure and reliable network connection to remote Ethernet devices, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The VPN infrastructure and connection are managed by Trend Control Systems, reducing the administration resource and commissioning time. The connection provided allows the full use of Trend software such as 963 and System Engineering Tool (SET), and enables Trends post-occupancy services such as IQEYE, Trend Energy Manager, remote alarm monitoring, and 24/7 remote support.
The Trend Connect managed network enables full administration and reporting of the connected Trend site to be carried out. Access to the site is through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection, using an internet connection provided by the HSPA (3G) or GPRS connection. The VPN connection is configured by Trend to access only the relevant users site(s). There are three methods of connecting to the remote site; VPN Agent, VPN Client and Trend Connect Modem. The solution that best fits your requirements will be suggested by your Trend representative, after careful analysis of your needs. The VPN Agent and VPN Client solutions both allow you to connect, over the internet, to the remote Trend Ethernet network over the VPN. The only difference is that the VPN Agent software automatically connects to the remote site every time the PC on which it is installed is switched on. This is useful for remote alarm monitoring using 963. The VPN Client must be manually connected by the user when it is required.
Additional descriptionFeatures include:
Remote Ethernet connection to Trend Ethernet devices
Easily installed and commissioned by Trend trained personnel.
Trend managed Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Secure on-demand network
Uses HSUPA, HSDPA, UMTS (3G), EDGE, or GPRS connectivity
Enables full IQ3 functionality
12, 24 and 36 month contracts including 100MB of data per month (if this limit is exceeded, additional charges will be incurred)
3 different ways of connecting to suit your requirements; VPN Client, VPN Agent and Trend Connect Modem
1 license included for VPN Client, no license required for Trend Connect Modem solution
Additional licenses can be obtained at an extra charge
Ongoing maintenance of the modem and support for the remote connection supplied
Optional extras can be supplied to order e.g. a secure mounting kit and a panel antenna to provide greater signal strength

  • TCONN-100001
  • TCONN-200001
  • TCONN-300001
  • CABLE/EJ101442
  • XCITE/XA/5