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IQ4XNC контроллеры интеграции

IQ4 Integration Controllers
The IQ4s XNC functionality provides a way of interfacing the Trend system with 3rd party systems. It utilises standard IQ strategy modules, and the Trend Custom Language (TCL) to present information from other systems as though it is from an IQ controller. It also allows parameters within the 3rd party system to be adjusted from Trend supervisors and software tools. The IQ422/00/XNC/.. has no I/O channels, but IQ422/12/XNC/.. has 12, and the IQ4E/96/XNC/.. has 16 I/O channels.
Integration possible withRS485
Additional descriptionThe product also includes:
All standard IQ4 features
Modbus drivers (free download from Trend website)
MBus drivers (free download from Trend website)