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IQ4E Контроллеры

The IQ4E controller has 10 universal inputs and 6 analogue voltage outputs and is expandable up to 192 points (depending on the controller variant) by adding I/O modules. This flexibility makes it suitable for a broad range of applications. The IQ4E controller uses Ethernet and TCP/IP networking technologies with embedded XML and is fully compatible with other Trend IQ controllers. The IQ4E supports BACnet over IP as standard. Trend communications over a current loop LAN is available as an option. A local PC or display (e.g. IQView4) can be connected to the RS232 port. A Wallbus port is also provided for use with room displays.
Additional descriptionThe following features are available:
16 onboard I/O channels - 10 inputs and 6 outputs
I/O bus supports up to a total of 192 I/O channels (depending on the controller variant) using additional I/O modules
I/O bus length up to 300 m (328 yards)
Ethernet 10/100 Mbps main network with TCP/IP protocol
Embedded XML Web Services as standard
BACnet over IP
Small footprint with DIN rail mounting for DIN 19 size 2 standard enclosure
DisclaimerThis selection tool is designed to be used as a guide, please ratify any selections made prior to ordering your IQ4 equipment.
This tool does not calculate any additional power supplies required for the i/o modules. Please refer to the requirements for powering the modules as stipulated in the IQ4 training course.
The IQ4 Points Calculator aims to calculate the controllers and modules required in the most cost effective manner. In cases this may mean that modules are fitted to the controller where some points on those modules cannot be connected within the controller firmware. In such cases we suggest the connectors are removed or other indication is made.
BACnet is a registered trademark of ASHRAE. ASHRAE does not endorse, approve or test products for compliance with ASHRAE standards. Compliance of listed products to the requirements of ASHRAE Standard 135 is the responsibility of BACnet International (BI). BTL is a registered trademark of BI.
*IQ4/IO/8DI, IQ4/IO/8AI, IQ4/IO/8AO, IQ4/IO/4UIO are not available until December 2015 please use the IQ4/IO/8UIO modules or equivalent XCITE/IO modules instead.